Boiler Cover Plan

What will be checked?

 The boiler and flue must be in good condition
 The flue must be clipped and secured correctly
 The gas line must be sound
 The combustion reading needs to meet the manufacturer’s instructions
 Any signs of leakage inside the boiler must be identified and repaired
 Any signs of corrosion must be identified and repaired
 Fill loop needs to be checked and be in good working order and easily accessible
 Expansion vessel needs to be pumped up and checked that it is sound
 Any parts that that are showing signs of corrosion will need to be replaced
 All external controls must be checked to ensure they are in good working order
 Electrical check must be carried out on boiler to determine any faults
 If a gas filter is not fitted one will need to be as this helps maintain the boiler
 Record fill loop, gas meter and stop cock location
 Photograph boiler and flue
 Photograph Fill loop

Once our engineer has serviced and checked all components are in good working order, you will receive a quotation for the boiler to be brought up to standard if needed and there is no labour cost if eligible. If the boiler is in good working order and you have been notified that you are able to purchase the plan, please fill in the Direct Debit Mandate enclosed in this pack and post back to the address below.

Download our Boiler Contract Cover here.