Cleansing, flushing & filters

Central heating systems and boilers have become more complex and highly efficient over the last 15 years. This has been due to people and manufacturer’s being more aware of energy efficiency. This has spured people on to look at all the variables in heating system and work out why some systems seem to break down or cost more to run.

What has been found is that if pipe work becomes blocked it take more energy to pump water round the system and will cause excessive wear and tear on the boiler.

Simple things like flushing a system with a good cleanser like Sentinel x300 will remove flux and solder deposits and light silt and sludge.

Systems should have and inhibitor added to them like Sentinel x100 which stops hydrogen gassing, reduces noise and stops corrosion.

These products will prolong the life of the system and stop unnecessary wear and tear.

The other big change to protect the life of heating system, boiler and working parts is the introduction to fitting a filter. One of the most popular on the market is the Magnclean. The Magna clean twintech is highly efficient and will remove both iron oxide and other non magnetic dirt within heating systems.

Dual-action system protection

ADEY has extended its impressive product range with the addition of MagnaClean TwinTech®, the company’s first dual-action magnetic and non-magnetic filter. Advances in recent years have now created a totally effective dual-action filter all in one, eliminating virtually 100% of suspended black iron oxide and all other non-magnetic particles and debris from the system.

Immediate benefits

MagnaClean TwinTech is a proven technology and with its powerful magnetic and non-magnetic filtration characteristics, the benefits for new and existing central heating systems are immediate:

  • Powerful magnetic filtration
  • Exceptional non-magnetic filtration
  • Simple installation and servicing, saving time and money
  • Quick and easy chemical dosing
  • Longer central heating system life
  • Guaranteed for two years
  • Reduced carbon emissions